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Colon Hydrotherapy

Refresh Your Soul is the only Sacramento wellness facility offering open and closed systems. We believe in giving our clients choices; both are effective. Often it comes down to preference or one’s health needs.

Colonics, also known as Colon Hydrotherapy or Colon Irrigation, removes waste from the colon without using drugs or laxatives.

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Closed System

In a closed system: there are two separate lines—water in and waste out—to prevent any possible contamination.

A highly trained therapist is in the room evaluating the seeing and administering pressure depending on the client’s health.

  • larger tube, approximately 1 inch
  • passive- client relaxes system does the work
  • 2 PSI – More Pressure
Colon Cleansing
Angel of Water System

Open System

In the open system: there is one constant gravity-fed line of filtered water at 1 PSI. The system is made to be relaxing, and safe, hygienic. The recliner-style setup allows you to sit comfortably over the basin as you hydrate your colon, allowing the peristalsis to activate, and this allows more natural participation in the evaluation.

All new clients receive a consult, and our technicians supervise all sessions. The open system is more private, and you will have “private time” with the system. This gives a more natural feel and control. There is a call button if you need assistance and a technician checks on you throughout your session.

  • smaller tub
  • The client participates in the evaluation.
  • The client has more control.
  • 1 PSI Gravity fed water

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Join Our Webinar on Elimination Diets

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