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Colon Hydrotherapy – Open System

Colonics, also known as Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonic Irrigation removes waste from the colon without the use of drugs or laxatives.

Colonic irrigation, a well-regarded detoxification method, is available at Refresh your Soul to help you achieve optimal health and well-being.

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colonic irrigation

Open System

At the beginning of your session, you will be taken into the colon hydrotherapy room. Your therapist will do a thorough consult and walk you through the process, instructing you on how to insert the nozzle yourself and how the system works. To make sure you fully understand and feel safe. After giving you instructions, the therapist will leave the room and you will disrobe from the waist down, sit on the system, insert the nozzle and cover from the waist down with the provided blanket. You will then call the therapist with the call button that is on the system and the therapist will begin the session. Water will flow from the nozzle into the colon causing the process of peristalsis to begin and you will naturally eliminate waste into the system. The therapist will make sure you are taken care of during the entire session while also allowing times of privacy.

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Join Our Webinar on Elimination Diets

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