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RYSE from Within empowers you to take charge of your digestive health! Nutritionist and colon therapist Wendy Sebastian guides you through her integrative approach to healing your gut. This accessible yet powerful roadmap offers the perfect balance between body, mind, and spirit—inspiring readers to awaken the power that lies within.

RYSE is a philosophy of filling yourself with positive energy. When you feel this positive energy, it will manifest within your body and soul in the form of great digestive health. In this book, Sebastian’s passion for gut health sparks a journey that’s both informative and inspiring, starting from an exploration of our body through a bit of science that then delves deep into understanding how we digest and interact with our microbiomes.

RYSE from Within will guide you through self-care rituals and developing meal plans with helpful recipes alongside suggested supplement recommendations on the journey toward total gut health balance. 

For nearly a decade, Wendy Sebastian has seamlessly integrated this very approach into her esteemed California-based practice. Her unwavering commitment to restoring internal equilibrium has empowered countless individuals to rejuvenate from within, manifesting external wellness as a natural consequence. With Wendy’s expertise and RYSE from Within, you can embark on a profound expedition toward a healthier, happier, and more vibrant you.

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